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With low-exergy building services safe up to 30 percent energy

The cabling specialist Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M) from Wetzikon, Switzerland has invested in a new company building to safeguard continued growth. The family firm laid the foundation stone for the new ecological building around a year ago. Last week the building's shell was completed. The building will be ready for occupation in mid 2010. The R&M cube is one of the largest low-exergy company buildings in Switzerland.

Building has been going on at 32 Binzstrasse in Wetzikon for the last year. The building has shot up rapidly during the last few months and construction of the shell is now complete. In terms of sustainability, the family-owned business decided that the new building should be constructed entirely in accordance with the Minergie/low-exergy concept. Implementing this unusual idea for industrial building services has enabled the running and maintenance costs to be kept low. Energy consumption is reduced by around 30 percent in comparison with conventional building services, while also conserving energy resources. The use of fossil fuels such as oil and gas is avoided and the CO2 output reduced.

The interior finishing stage now sees the start of all the work for building services and power supplies. This construction phase also includes the façade. "The work has gone well up until now, although the cold snowy winter did delay things by several months", says Dieter Burkhalter, project manager at R&M. "The basic design for building services and logistics also proved to be ideal and did not require any adaptation", he added.

Construction of the new company building is also a statement of loyalty to Switzerland as a manufacturing location. Despite advanced technological automation, new jobs will be created in the long term, due to the expansion of production capacity. For the time being, the new building will accommodate 250 workplaces. However, overall, the spatial design pro-vides potential for around 400 workplaces. The building will have a gross floor area of 16,000 square meters. The total of five floors will accommodate the production, innovation and development, logistics and product management departments. A fully automated high-bay warehouse with a capacity of over 4,500 pallet spaces will be attached to the building.

The R&M cube is part of the anti-cyclical investments which R&M is able to make, despite the difficult economic situation. These also include an innovative ERP solution which will signi-ficantly increase efficiency and will become fully effective in the new high-bay warehouse. The developer is Reichle Immobilien AG, which is part of the Group.

Source: R&M AG