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Award for R&M Corporate Film

Swiss cabling specialist R&M produced one of the best corporate films of the year in 2011. It certainly convinced the panel of judges at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. They selected this submission as the winner of the Silver Dolphin, the second prize for excellent international corporate films. R&M made the film in collaboration with Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG and Topicfilm, two Zurich-based specialists in this area. Felix Courvoisier from Seed and Christian Rösch from Topicfilm accepted the Silver Dolphin a few days ago in Cannes. The film won out over a field of about 410 competitors from across the globe, taking second place right behind the current corporate image videos of Ricola and Porsche.

The corporate film from R&M is entitled `ehlermeldung (i.e. the German word for "error message" with the first letter missing) and surprises audiences with its unconventional story. Two data packets slip out of a rack in a data center in India. One is cool, in tip-top condition. The other is in terrible shape because it was sent over inferior cabling. What constitutes a good journey for data packets and what expectations do they have of connectors and cables? The two bytes want to find this out for themselves and set off on an entertaining voyage of discovery that ultimately takes them to the R&M Cube in Wetzikon. The dialogues present the arguments for high-quality cabling technology against this backdrop and explain the manufacturing principles at R&M. By the end of the film, the two data packets are confirmed fans of R&M.

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R&M consciously opted for this storytelling approach instead of doing a classic information film. Co-owner and CQO Peter Reichle had this to say about the project: "In this film we take an unexpected approach to a topic dominated by technology. The film has humor and emotions. I am convinced this refreshing story will make us even more likable among our target groups."

Jury in Cannes awards a Silver Dolphin to emotional corporate film.

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