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R&M Showing the Way to the Fiber Optic Future

Swiss cabling specialist provides information on future technologies for communication networks / First field terminable high grade connector for FO connections / New magazine now published
Wetzikon, March 21, 2013

In three years, the number of devices with an Internet connection will exceed the number of people threefold. Will communication networks be able to cope with the data volume that we produce and send on a daily basis? Swiss cabling specialist R&M looks at this question in detail in its latest customer magazine CONNECTIONS No. 44. The specialist magazine for installation engineers and network technicians can be downloaded from www.rdm.com and is also available as an eMagazin.

R&M reminds us of the current megatrends: We all want to be online at all times in all situations, send photos via Internet with our smartphones and do our office work virtually without any delay in the cloud. Computers, telephones, Internet, entertainment electronics and sensors of all kinds are becoming our constant companions in our digital routine. They are gradually merging with each other. This merging - referred to as convergence - means an increase in the demands made of network technology. Ever better connections and more efficient networks are required in residential areas and office buildings, data centers, airports, factories, stadia, universities, health centers, social institutions and leisure facilities.

Well developed FO networks are the basis for these challenges. These, in convergence with other technologies, are the only way the expected data volume can be dealt with and are the only means of providing the required transmission speed for all subscribers and devices. In CONNECTIONS No. 44, R&M examines the way into the FO future from a number of perspectives. The cabling specialist shows how copper network performance can be improved and gradually replaced by FO systems.

R&M has recently developed further innovative solutions for the efficient spread of FO cabling. For instance, the magazine features the first field terminable high performance FO connector, FO Field. It can be assembled in under a minute. In addition, R&M presents the new bend-insensitive multimode fiber for data center applications.

In the new customer magazine, the company also once again reports on numerous success stories such as the Lavasa project in India. The futuristic city on a hill was equipped with a broadband solution from R&M. Four articles look at the special security issues faced by airports and large insurance companies. And readers also find out how major Swiss insurer Suva managed to install a new data center three times as efficient as the old one in an extremely short time without any interruption to running operations.