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News of Synergia SE

FTTx solutions from R&M in the specialized international Forum "Around the cable"

On 19th of May, 2011, the company Synergia, as the exclusive distributor of R&M solutions, participated in the Forum «Around the cable». This Forum is a specialized event for leading domestic and foreign experts in the field of telecommunications networks. This year the event attended by over 560 specialists like IT-directors, TOP-management, telecoms operators and so on.

The topics of the Forum covered all issues related to the design, construction, modernization and maintenance of communication networks based on copper and fiber optic cables. There were presented:

  • FTTX: where the optics will end?
  • Modern line-cable constructions. LCC compounds (cables and means of their switching, cable bearers and protection). Solutions for backbone lines and access networks of different scope (city, district, town, industrial site, office, residential building).
  • Cable assembly and servicing technologies. Construction, upgrading and repairing of cable communication lines (materials, technologies, tools, small-scale mechanization)
  • Copper and fiber-optic cable parameter measuring. Cables and their specifications: new designs. Measuring equipment and metrological tools.
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting. Approaches, methods and algorithms, measuring equipment, practice and experience. Activation and exploitation of xDSL and FTTx.
  • Measurements on the new generation networks. Parameters which are critical for modern transmitting system. New reality and its specificity: packet networks, VoIP, V2oIP, IPTV, VoD. Protocol analysis. Matters of compatibility. Testing under pressure. Broadband networks operation.

On this Forum the company Synergia presented FTTx solutions from R&M. On our stand there were FTTx optical distribution system from R&M, the Single Circuit Management System (SCM), Venus box   FLA SCM and other solutions for implementing the concept "Fiber to the home". In addition, two reports were presented.

Anton Podcheko, commercial director of Synergia, in his speech "R&M Optical Distribution Frame ODF-SCM" presented in details this system and explained how it could be put into operation thanks to the modular design and the most innovative technologies for rapid assembly.

Sergei Nikolayev, Head of training centre of the company Synergia, introduced the report "Fiber-optic network. How to implement in other way". The method of blowing an optical fiber is actively used all over  the world. The main advantages of this method are that there is no needs to lay the solution with extra fiber, complete freedom to choose the type of fiber, as well as the ability to replace the obsolete fiber or add new ones. All this advantages lead to significant financial savings and more effective investments.

The company Synergia thanks organizer of the  Forum "Around the cable" - "A-COM Academy» for the good work and professional organization activities.

The company Synergia thank all its partners, We could meet on the Forum a lot of our colleagues. For us, this is the most important factor. The company Synergia will continue to participate in thematic events and tells you: "See you on the next Events!».