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Conference on Structured Cabling Systems and Surveillance -2015: Many-sided Anniversary

The tenth International Conference was held on the 8th of April in the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine. It was devoted to the structured cabling systems (SCS) and video surveillance.
The leading Ukrainian distributors, installers, manufacturers, representatives as well as customers were presented at the forum.

Networks & Business magazine traditionally presented the results of annual analysis of Ukrainian market of structured cabling systems.

First of all, it should be noted almost a double decrease of total SCS market volume for 2014, which includes not only the cabling systems themselves, but also plastic boxes and corrugated pipes, metal trays, cabinets. Changes in many areas have been due to the present economic situation.

In spite of it, the products of Reichle & De-Massari (R&M)company have still been holding a leading position in the SCS Ukrainian market.
Cabling systems of 5e category are still in great demand. According to analysis, the share of implemented projects in this category amounted to 91.6%. Accordingly, 4.0% of cat. 6 and 6A systems were built and - 4.3% - of mixed projects. At the same time, 84,4 % of projects were implemented using unshielded components, 11,4 % - shielded and 4,2 % - mixed.

For the last 2014 year 5,1 % of cat. 5e projects have been implemented using R&M components. By the number of SCS cat. 5e ports installed, R&M also takes a leading position – 21,1 %, and has won the first place for the projects and cat. 6 and 6 A ports installed with a share of 36,9 %!

It is pleasant to note that R&M has become one of the most popular SCS brand used by 48,1% of the companies-installers in their projects.
According to SCS market analysis for last year, the best representatives of cable systems segments of plastic boxes, trays and cabinets were awarded with diplomas.
R&M brand has won the first place in nominations "Installed SCS ports using cat. 6 and 6A. components. The use of optical solutions in SCS" and the second place – in nomination "Installed SCS ports using cat. 5e components".


The company Synergia SE, exclusive distributor of R&M solutions in Ukraine, is grateful to the organizers and participants of the conference for the high level of professionalism, desire to create, build, and make progress in such a difficult time for all of us.

We wish you success and prosperity and hope for further beneficial cooperation.

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