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News of Synergia SE

Kyiv, BIS-2018 Telecommunications Forum

n 5811 38039861«Around Cable. Around Networks. FTTx Academy. Around IP. Around IoT» International Grand Forum on Telecommunications (Ukraine, Kyiv, April 19, 2018)

On April 19, the city of Kyiv hosted one of the most important events in the Ukrainian ICT market – International Grand Forum «Around Cable. Around Networks. FTTx Academy. Around IP. Around IoT» (BIS-2018). This unmatched industry gathering distinguished for its integrated approach, the quality of content and unique atmosphere has traditionally brought together the best representatives of the regional ICT and business community.

The participants of the event discussed all issues related to the construction of cable networks engineering systems and telecom lines, testing and diagnosis of communication systems, FTTx implementations, deployment of modern information and communication services, as well as the practical usage of Internet of things and smart solutions.

Synergia SE presented the equipment of the partners Dura-Line and Zeitler AG and demonstrated the installation of the FO cable by blowing method.

Anton Podcheko, Commercial Director of Synergia SE, presented FO blowing technology during his report.

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