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News of Synergia SE

Spring is going on!

For site IMG 60342We showed our spring mood on our next event - the International Forum "Around the Cables", which was held on April 25th, 2012 in the conference room "The Hall of Champions", the National Sports Complex “Olimpiyskiy”. Over 560 professionals of the IT market visited the Forum this year. The Event held the conferences "Around the data center" and "Around the IP». All the most important issues like design, construction, modernization and operation of telecommunication networks based on copper and fiber optic cables were presented on the Forum.

The company Synergia, as the exclusive distributor of R&M solutions in Ukraine, introduced a section of FTTx. At our stand we showed the best R&M solutions such as Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) combined with the Single Circuit Management System (SCM).

2012: It’s spring on the SCS market!

274 firstFor several years, the company Synergia, exclusive distributor of R&M solutions in Ukraine, is being supporting the structured cabling systems (SCS) conference, organized by the magazine "Networks and Business". This year it was no exception. The 7th Industrial SCS Conference "Intelligence and Applications" was held on the 5th of April, 2012 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kiev.

What we would like to say this year? It's spring on the SCS market! The market is waking up and beginning to develop. During the "winter sleep" the market has changed, there were not so much projects and these projects were realized longer. Financing aspects were the most important. And now there is the period of a new beginning and it is a time only for the quality solutions in SCS project. Today we can say: "There are not so much money on the Ukrainian IT market to implement of cheap solutions. It is the time only for high-quality".

Have a successful start!


 Dear Partners!

The company Synergia congratulates you with the New Year 2012!

We wish you all a good start because a nice beginning makes a good ending!


We are working very active! The company Synergia, exclusive distributor of R&M solutions in Ukraine, invites our partners on April 5, 2012 to participate in the seventh SCS conference, organized by magazine "Networks and Business". On the conference there will be presented the most active players of IT-market in SCS segment.

Research results of the company Synergia SE

This summer Synergia SE, exclusive distributor of R&M solutions in Ukraine, held a market research in Fiber optic segment. The purpose was to study the opinions of the qualified specialists of the carrier segment of Ukraine in R&M FTTH system.  The questionnaire was sent by e-mail to the Synergiaґs partners, as well as in printed form it was distributed with the newspaper "DK-zv'yazok" of the publishing house "Softpress". The target audience of this research is operators of Ukraine, installers and system integrators.  In total there were 308 people attended in this research.  Fully completed application form gave the right to win our prize - the official iPad 2 3G.

FTTx solutions from R&M in the specialized international Forum "Around the cable"

On 19th of May, 2011, the company Synergia, as the exclusive distributor of R&M solutions, participated in the Forum «Around the cable». This Forum is a specialized event for leading domestic and foreign experts in the field of telecommunication networks. This year the event attended by over 560 specialists like IT-directors, TOP-management, telecoms operators and so on.

The trademark R&M confirms its leadership at the Ukrainian market.

On 5th of April, 2011, in Kiev, Ukraine, there was the conference "Structured cabling systems 2011" organized by journal "Networks and Business".  Venders, system integrators, end users - more than 200 people, representatives of the market, attended the event.  "Networks and Business" is the only organization which makes market research of structured cabling systems (SCS) market in Ukraine. This year according to the research of the Ukrainian journal "Networks and Business" the trademark  R&M confirms its leadership at the Ukrainian market.

The company Synergia SE took part in the FTTH Conference in Milan.

The FTTH Conference in Milan last week was a groundbreaking success. More than 3.000 Participants from 80 countries attended the world biggest FTTH event in Milan!

In the exhibition area more than 90 members presented their latest products and solutions. All major players in the FTTH industry were represented in Milan giving the attendees a full overview of how to plan, deploy, install and operate FTTH networks and broadband services.

18th Charity Bazaar in Kiev.

On the 4th of December the 18th Charity Bazaar in Kiev took place. Some 36 embassies sat up stalls, bringing goods and delicious food offerings from their home countries. 

This year the Holiday Bazaar was SUCCESS!

The funds raised are almost of 1,300,000 uah and they will serve to the financing of other 2011 charity projects.