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Dear Partners!

The 11th International Conference devoted to Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) and Video Surveillance was held on the 6th of April, 2016 in the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine.

2016-04-11

The first International Scientific Conference "Modern information and communication technologies."


17-20 November, 2015 at the State University of Telecommunications (Kyiv, Ukraine) the first International Scientific Conference "Modern information and communication technologies" was held.

2015-11-25

Conference on Structured Cabling Systems and Surveillance -2015: Many-sided Anniversary

IMG 6887The tenth International Conference was held on the 8th of April in the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine. It was devoted to the structured cabling systems (SCS) and video surveillance.
The leading Ukrainian distributors, installers, manufacturers, representatives as well as customers were presented at the forum.

2015-05-05

Around Cable International Forum

16454847014 ea0d27bb2e oAround Cable International Forum, the main event of the Ukrainian Information and Communication Technologies Market, was held on the 2nd of April, 2015 in Bratislava Hotel conference-hall in Kyiv. It was organized by a specialized information and marketing agency CIS Events Group together with FTTx Academy.

2015-04-06


The ninth International conference was held on the 2-nd of April in the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine. It was devoted to the structured cabling systems and video surveillance

2014-04-04

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

NY2014Dear Colleagues!

Christmas time and New Year Day are coming.
This is a brilliant and magic time!
May all your dreams and wishes come true!
All the best to you and to your family!
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

2013-12-24

The conference Telecom&Network Solutions 2013

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On June 5, 2013, in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the 8th international conference "Telecom & Network Solutions 2013" took place. This Event was dedicated to the strategies of development and practices which are using in modern operator communication systems. The conference was organized by the  magazine "Networks and Business".

Time is going very quickly, and new technologies are replacing old solutions so fast. ADSL-access, Triple Play and IPTV which were as the top topics during the earlier conferences, today they are not so relevant and some of them we don't remember at all. This is the reality of the modern market of information and communication technologies. Today the speed of changes wonder us a lot.

2013-06-11

April 3, 2013 - Ukrainian cabling day.


This day, April 3, 2013, the two cable events took place in Kiev.

In the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine was the eighth international conference on structured cabling systems and video surveillance. The conference was attended by leading Ukrainian distributors, installers, manufacturers representatives, as well as customers. It was organized by the magazine "Networks and Business". The Golden sponsor was the company Synergia, the exclusive distributor of R&M solutions in Ukraine.

The same day at the Stadium "Olympic" in Kiev was an international forum, organized by the company CIS Events Group. «Around the Cable, Around IP» is a unique event, where the Ukrainian and foreign IT experts in installation and maintenance of telecommunications networks are assembled. Topics of the Forum discover all issues related to the design, construction, upgrading and operation of communication networks based on copper and fiber-optic cables. This year the Forum was attended by over 700 people.

2013-04-11

Fiftieth Anniversary of R&M

RM 50 Years BannerDear colleagues and partners!

This year is special in the history of Reiсhle & De-Massari due to its 50-th anniversary.

2014-05-20

Self-assembly of fiber optic connectors

Swiss manufacturer R&M is developing precision connectors for fast termination at the construction site / First solution for maximum performance level, alternative to splicing
Wetzikon, April 2, 2013

2013-04-02

R&M Showing the Way to the Fiber Optic Future

Swiss cabling specialist provides information on future technologies for communication networks / First field terminable high grade connector for FO connections / New magazine now published
Wetzikon, March 21, 2013

2013-03-21

Award for R&M Corporate Film

Jury in Cannes awards a Silver Dolphin to emotional corpo-rate film  "Error Message" shows what data packets expect from cabling. R&M made the film in collaboration with Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG and Topicfilm, two Zurich-based specialists in this area. Felix Courvoisier from Seed and Christian Rösch from Topicfilm accepted the Silver Dolphin a few days ago in Cannes. The film won out over a field of about 410 competitors from across the globe.

2011-10-24

R&M Wins Award for Good Design


iF Product Design Award for Cat. 6A module. International expert jury praises compact design and easy installation. Maximum transmission reliability for RJ45 plug connections.

2011-03-03

R&M Cube officially opened

This day the new company facility of cabling specialists Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M) was officially presented to the many international media representatives in Wetzikon ZH.

The imposing new company premises at Binzstrasse 32 cover a gross surface area of 16,000 square meters on five floors and comprise Production, Logistics, Innovation and Development as well as Product Management. The modern building also sets new standards in energy supply.

2011-01-19

R&M: Shimmers of Light on the Horizon

Swiss cabling specialist Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M) reported sales of CHF 192 million in fiscal year 2009 (EUR 130 million). That is 22 percent less than in 2008. "At the start of 2009, the decline in sales was not foreseeable in the magnitude in which it came. This drop reflects the tough market environment," CEO Martin Reichle said. "We did manage to offset part of the decline in the final quarter. I see light on the horizon," Martin Reichle added. EBIT for 2009 amounted to 6 percent. "That is a satisfactory result, especially because we con-sciously dispensed with far-reaching cost cutting and continued unabated with strategically important projects. We knew we were going to break even for quite some time but actually ended up with a small profit," Martin Reichle noted.

2010-03-17

With low-exergy building services safe up to 30 percent energy

The cabling specialist Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M) from Wetzikon, Switzerland has invested in a new company building to safeguard continued growth. The family firm laid the foundation stone for the new ecological building around a year ago. Last week the building's shell was completed. The building will be ready for occupation in mid 2010. The R&M cube is one of the largest low-exergy company buildings in Switzerland.

2010-03-17

Customer magazine of R&M

Content of CONNECTIONS 50 from April 2016

Content of CONNECTIONS 50 from April 2016
  • Generation "Always On"
  • Antonov: Have a safe flight with R&M solutions
  • The SYNO Dome Closure. Modular and flexible
  • Avoiding signal losses in LANs
Connections 50



Content of CONNECTIONS 49 from October 2015

Connections-49 e 160
Content of CONNECTIONS 49 from October 2015
  • AIM: Effective Automation
  • SwissFEL: Insight into molecules with X-ray vision
  • Wiring at an Angle of 90°
  • POL: The New Possibilities of Office Cabling
Connections 49



Contents of CONNECTIONS 48 from April 2015

Cover Page Connections 48 EN
Contents of CONNECTIONS 48 from April 2015
  • The Digital Revolution
  • Jungfraujoch: Installation under Extreme Conditions
  • Cat. 6A EL in the New 24 Port Panel
  • Getting WLAN Right
Connections 48



Contents of CONNECTIONS 47 from October 2014

Cover Page Connections 47 EN
Contents of CONNECTIONS 47 from October 2014
  • Smart Cities Need Smart Networks
  • Data Security – Made in Switzerland: greenDatacenter
  • Cat. 6A and the New Cat. 6A EL: the Right Solution for Every Task
  • 40 Gbit/s in Data Centers – But How?
Connections 47



Contents of CONNECTIONS 46 from March 2014

Bild Connections 46 EN
Contents of CONNECTIONS 46 from March 2014
  • Cabling is a Matter of Trust
  • R&M Solutions Support Benfica Museum to Revive Great Memories
  • The New Cat. 6A Module: Optimized for the Installers
  • New Procedures for Network Monitoring
Connections 46



Contents of CONNECTIONS 45 from September 2013

Cover Page Connections 45
Contents of CONNECTIONS 45 from September 2013
  • Unshielded, But Not Unprotected
  • Motol University Hospital – World Class Cabling for World Class Healthcare Services
  • R&MinteliPhy – More Intelligence in the Rack
  • Outside Plant – The Right Investment in Fiber Optic Networks
Connections 45



Contents of CONNECTIONS 44 from March 2013

Cover Page Connections 44

Contents of CONNECTIONS 44 from March 2013
  • Network Convergence - Fiber Optics as the Connecting Medium
  • R&M and its Top-Flight Solution for Lublin Airport
  • A Genuine Alternative to Splicing - the FO Field from R&M
  • Progress in FTTH Technology
Connections 44



Contents of CONNECTIONS 43 from September 2012

Cover Page Connections 43

Contents of CONNECTIONS 43 from September 2012
  • Bobst Mex SA: The Evolution of a Network
  • Colt Telecom Services AG: An ODF for Every Occasion
  • Complete HD Platform
  • Modal Noise: a Performance Killer Often Overlooked
Connections 43